Fingerling Epic Fail Now What to do with all the Bad Monkeys

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    Thank you for all of the comments about what to do with all of our bad monkeys.  Our staff is going through all of the comments, we have posted some of the best to our blog, other comments cannot be posted.  The winner will be announced and notified shortly. 


WoWWee (pun intended) epic fail from the home of Gogobricks.  It is a long story, but here is the short version.  We purchased 12 fake fingerlings, what we received were Baby Monkeys.  We did get our money back, but now the question is, what do we do with all these bad monkeys? 

  • Throw them in the trash?
  • Bury them in the backyard?
  • Run them over with my F150?
  • Dump them in the Columbia River?  Probably not, wouldn't want to pollute the river.
  • Leave them at the entry of the APE Caves?
  • Throw them into the lava dome of Mount St. Helens.
  • Leave them in the woods of Cougar Washington for BigFoot?

Leave us a comment and let us know how we should dispose of these bad monkeys.  Please keep your replies kid friendly, this is a family friendly website.  And let's make this fun, the best idea submitted by midnight on 12/5/17 will get a real fingerling, you know the authentic wowwee fingerling.  It will be random from our on hand stock.  Thanks for helping us with this bad monkey situation.  Our staff will be the judge of the best idea. 


  • Send them to Santa’s Workshop and the elves and Santa can make their dream come true and they can be real fingerlings monkeys.

    Heather on

  • Use them as a decor in a children’s hospital. That way they won’t be played with & it won’t hurt your pocket book in gluing them to something that will stay at. Kids would love to see little monkeys just random while in the hospital.

    Marie on

  • I agree with the donate.

    stephanie barmann on

  • Donate them to Toys for Tots. There are children who get nothing and any toy (even if it isn’t the real thing) is better than nothing under the tree.

    Stacey B on

  • The best way to get a use out of them is to hide them and let kids play hide and find the fake fingerlings lol.

    Donna Tracanna on

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