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Lego Aqua Raiders 7775 Aquabase Invasion

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"Constructed on the sea bed deep beneath the waves, the hi-tech Aqua Raiders headquarters has a vehicle dock, a control station and crane arm, a mini-sub launching ramp, and an exploration pod for deep-sea missions. Good thing its protected by plenty of harpoon cannons and a firing aqua-rocket, because a giant squid is on the attack! With posable tentacles and a skeleton in its transparent belly, this sea monster will be tough for the Aquabase crew to beat.
* Includes 4 diver minifigures and skeleton!
* Giant squid's tentacles open and close!
* Man the harpoon turret and press to fire the launcher!
* Deploy the mini-sub from the launching ramp!
* Take the exploration pod for an undersea mission!
* Have a cup of coffee at the control panel! "

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